Website Maintenance & Support Services

What’s the need of website maintenance services or website support services?

You have a business and a business website or blog too that’s really great. This means you have an online presence of your business, but is this enough? Having your business website is not just sufficient. What is important here in this online world of high competition is that it should be updated. Regular website maintenance plays a crucial role in your business success.

Most of the things around us need maintenance for proper functioning and so is the case with a website too. In this competitive world where more and more business are making their online presence it becomes essential for business online growth and reputation that your website should have some of the following things:

Updated content with latest news or posts, no bugs or errors, updated plug-in, changes in functionality or the designs as per the advancements and ease for users, keeping regular backups, protecting website from hacks, adding some new features in your online website, updating the pricing of products on your online store, changes in the categories or product pages or new additions to your store, website migrations, installations of apps, configurations as well as maintenance of Web/FTP Server & database and much more.

Giving the users latest information of the industry, providing them information about your latest products and services, updating testimonials on your website, giving them warm wishes on special occasions and holidays etc keeps your users engaging. If you don’t want your website to be outdated among your competitors then yes there is a need of website maintenance and website support services from a team of website maintenance and support experts. We hope now you got the answer why there is need to look for some website maintenance plans for maintenance of website.

Thinking about maintenance of a website? Always go for a professional website maintenance company.

In order to keep a well maintained website it is very essential that you should hire a professional website maintenance company. It is not always successful to go with those companies which offer site maintenance service at low prices because at times either the services are not of high standards, they do not cover the services they offer, don’t have experience or there are hidden costs involved. So, better to choose such a company which have experience, knowledge, no hidden costs and provide professional services at reasonable rates. Always have a talk for the website maintenance rates with the company you choose or get to know about the website maintenance plan as per your needs.

We at web track studio provide website maintenance and support and handle all your website maintenance needs while you handle your business offline. Leave your online business troubles to us and we will provide our best of the services to you. Our team of dedicated and qualified website support and maintenance professionals at Web track studio believe in quality services to client’s satisfaction with quick response rates.

Our goal is to encourage you to update your website on regular basis using our cost-effective webmasters. Websites with fresh and new content index better on search engines and generate more leads and business for you.

Website Maintenance and Support Services that we provide:

  • Updating the content of the website (news, articles, press release, blog posts, seasonal offers, Product Updates and pricing updates, other text, image & video uploading).
  • Reporting the bugs and errors and fixing them.
  • Website check and its backup.
  • Priority Customer Support and Help Desk 24/7 (as needed).
  • Monitoring Website Outages if any.
  • Website edits, adding new categories, services or products pages, revisions, updates or content improvement on existing pages, Online Newsletter Management.
  • Website and applications Migration to a new host.
  • Regular reporting and feedback.
  • Security of website database from hackers.
  • Addition of new features and functions as per the needs.
  • Suggestions for website improvements.
  • Hosting & Email Management.
  • Third party software updates installations.
  • Modifications in the CSS & HTML of the website.
  • Widget Installation.
  • Sitemap generation
  • Maintenance & Support Services for applications.

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