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Step By Step Tips On How to Start Your Blog on WordPress [Infographic]

Step By Step Tips On How to Start Your Blog on WordPress [Infographic]

WordPress a free blogging platform is number one choice for a lot of website/blog owners around the world. One of the reasons for its popularity is the simplicity and ease to use this Content Management System. If you don’t know coding and want to publish your content, posts etc then you can use WordPress. Even if you don’t have any idea on how to start a blog on WordPress then this post is for your read.

A lot of people around the world who want to start their blog but for some or other reason they haven’t done it yet. If you also, plan to start a blog then this post is must a read for you. No need to worry now if you are not a geeky person. You can still start your blog on WordPress and we are going to tell you, how with a simple guide.

We have tried to explain with very easy steps so that every beginner can understand it. If anyone of you has any query, please feel free to ask us and our team will help you to setup your blog. Can’t wait to start a new WordPress blog? So, let’s go further with the read on how to start your blog on WordPress. Let’s join the blogging world.

create a blog on wordpress DIY infographic

Setup Your Blog

Selecting a wrong platform for your website or blog can create a big chaos. Whether you are starting a personal/business blog, can be the best choice. It is also called as self-hosted WordPress. With WordPress you can create a beautiful and stunning website/blog with ease, install plugins, and make money without any limitations from your site.

  1. Choose Subject, Decide the Domain Name & Get Web Hosting

It is the most important and fun part of making your blog. Your blog name represents your brand. It should relate to the type of content you will post based on your target audience.  There are a lot of websites where you can get suggestions for your domain name; just do a Google search for – ‘Blog Name Generators’.

Here, you need to take action and achieve momentum. You need to do two things to start a blog from scratch.

  • First of all, book your domain name or blog’s name. Do a Google Search – ‘Domain Registration’ OR ‘Buy Domain Name’. Some of the popular websites from where you can buy domain name are – GoDaddy, BlueHost and HostGator. Search for the domain name, signup on the website and purchase it.

If right domain name is not found, you may still start a blog and rename it later and in that case you might need some help from an IT person. Worry not WebTrackStudio team is always available at your service.

  • Another part is web hosting. This service provides access to your blog over the web. Your blog is offline without web hosting. Your blog won’t have any address without domain name. So, both of these are equally important for your blog. You can buy hosting for your blog from the websites you buy domain from as mentioned in above point or choose any other hosting provider as per the best deal.

Tip: If you are just starting up then, it’s better to choose a small hosting plan. You always have the option to upgrade the hosting whenever you want. When you have a good number of posts on your blog and a lot of traffic then you can go with the upgrade of hosting plan.

  1. Install WordPress

Blogging software is very important to start a blog. WordPress is the most widely used blogging platform as it is powerful and easy to use. You can install WordPress in 5 simple clicks even without having a technical knowledge.

  • After getting hosting and domain, login into the hosting website Control Panel and click “Install WordPress”. Generally, the setup instruction varies depending on your hosting platform. So, just follow them.
  • Click “Install” button after choosing “Do It Yourself” version.
  • Click on “Check Domain”
  • Acknowledge their terms of use and finalize installation.
  • You will have a well-established WordPress blog within a minute.
  1. Install a WordPress Theme to Customize Your Blog

There are a lot of themes available and so you can install the one which suits your needs and style. Choose from thousands of WordPress themes out there. Don’t fall in trap of “Shiny Object Syndrome”. You may change your theme anytime. So, also don’t fall in trap of bells and whistles. In case you need a special theme on your website and you are facing any problem in them customizations, need extra features then don’t hesitate to contact Us.

  • First of all, log into WordPress admin account by going to your web address like
  • Login with your user credentials.
  • Dashboard might look a bit confusing initially. But you will get accustomed with little practice.
  • Hover over “Appearance” menu in sidebar and click on “Themes” button to install a new theme.
  • WordPress has its official “Twenty-[Year]” themes.
  • To find even flashier themes, click “Add New” button to get introduced to thousands of themes.
  • You may find something that matches your style.
  • Once you’ve found the theme of your dreams, hover over it and click “Install”. Wait for it to be installed. Once done, it will turn into an “Activate” button. Click on it and you are good to go.
  1. Start Your First Blog Post

Now you are ready to start your first blog post. Just log in and write starting your post. You can keep your post in draft. Do regular blogging and bring traffic to your website. If you need advice on how to increase traffic to your blog, optimize your blog post for search engines then contact us.

Now you can customize and optimize your blog. You can add or extend your blog’s functionality with plugins. For Professional WordPress Maintenance or Support Services get in touch with us.

If you face any problem, have any query or you need WordPress services you can contact us via contact form on our page or email us at or Skype at anjali.bagaria

Good Luck and Happy Blogging!!

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