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Some WordPress Plugins That You Can Use For Your Website

Some WordPress Plugins That You Can Use For Your Website

Some WordPress Plugins That You Can Use For Your Website

Over 50 million websites are currently using WordPress. It is known to be the leading platform for blogging ever made. Along with professional bloggers, several online magazines, businesses and internet marketing companies are using WordPress to expand their online presence. Here are some of the best WordPress Plugins a professional blogger or business owner can’t live without.

W3 Total Cache

This plugin is really very important to boost the performance of your website. It increases page load speed of your website and dramatically provides rich navigation experience to the user. It automatically generates the webpage a user visits and stores a copy on cache. Next time when user visits same page, it loads the page faster.

Search Meter

It is really very useful and simple plugin which records every search on your website and works with it. Thereafter, you can analyze the number of searches made by the user. You can get deep insight on your visitors’ behavior and their search pattern for a particular product or service you have to offer.

WordPress SEO

Several users admire this WordPress plugin because it provides complete control on page titles, Meta descriptions, redirects, page titles, canonical tags and directions of search bot. You can seamlessly control each and every aspect of SEO and keep your website fully optimized.

LiveFyre Comments 3

With this plugin, you can easily transform your boring and simple commenting page of your blog into a highly centralized, innovative conversation area. It will be connected to the database and write all the comments on behalf of you. It allows you monitor, control and track all the conversations and comments from the dashboard. If you want to boost conversations and social interaction on your site, this plugin is really very helpful.

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