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How to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

How to Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Suppose someone is looking for the services or products you are offering on the web. How would they find your website? If you are thinking to improve the number of visits in your website, consider the ranking of your website in Google. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process which improves quality of traffic and leads to your website via organic search results. Here’s how you can make your website SEO friendly.

Keyword Research

It is the first step to optimize your website. Take your time to know the words people are using to search for the products relevant to your website. Suppose you offer house cleaning services in Delhi. If someone searches for “house cleaning Delhi”, make sure you have the webpage which contains this phrase. You have to do it for all webpages in your site.

Develop Search Engine Friendly Website

Make sure to use updated technologies in your website for development, such as CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). It reduces number of formatting in HTML coding. With less formatting, you will have pure content which makes your website Google friendly.

Getting Links from Relevant, Trusted Sources

In your content, you should have only relevant links and from reputed websites. When it comes to do it, you should never compromise on quality. Links work as a vote for your webpage and ranking is not possible without them.

Navigation must be Clear

In every corner of your site, make sure to build clear links on texts. Don’t use links in images or animations because search engines cannot trace them. So, navigation should be simple and clear.

Don’t Forget the Content

Content should be informative and engaging and you should keep it updated. Refresh your site regularly because search engines love that.  Make sure to provide what your visitors want.

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