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Boost Conversion Rate with These Color Psychology Tips

Boost Conversion Rate with These Color Psychology Tips

Color psychology is a science behind the effect of colors on human behavior. It is basically the part of behavioral psychology. It is quite a complex field. When it comes to choose website design, color plays an important role. It can make or break your website design project. So, keep these color tips in mind to improve your website conversions.

  • Women’s Favorite Colors – Purple, Blue and Green

According to a survey on gender and color preferences, 35% of women loved blue, 23% of women revealed that Purple is their favorite color, and 14% loved green. On the other side, 33% of women addressed orange as their most hated color, 33% voted for brown and 17% for gray as their least favorite colors. You may visit any shopping site based on women’s apparels, you will find these color choices.

  • Green, Blue and Black are Men’s Favorite

If males are your target audience, you should stay away from orange, purple and brown. Instead, you should go with green, blue and black because they are linked with masculinity.

  • Use Blue to Develop Trust

The world’s largest social network, Facebook is blue. It is probably the best color for a company for which transparency is their core value. Blue is one of the most popular colors for a good reason. Blue is the color of peace, trust, loyalty and order. Blue develops the feeling of serenity and calmness.

  • Use Yellow if You want to Warn Users

Yellow color is used for traffic signals, warning signs and wet floor signs. But yellow is also known to be the color of happiness. Yellow is used by brands to show to the audience that they are friendly and fun-loving. Yellow is likely to suggest playfulness. Yellow is the color which promotes the excitement center of your brain.

  • Green is Perfect if You want to Go Green

It is perhaps the most intuitive color which represents that your business is eco-friendly and nature-loving. It is basically a chromatic sign of nature. Green can also improve creativity and it can add the typical “green” effect to your website.

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