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Amazing Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Site SEO Friendly

Amazing Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Site SEO Friendly

SEO for E commerce website seems to be an icing on a cake. Basically, it is one of the most difficult things to do for SEO experts. There are thousands of activities happening which should be monitored, analyzed and implemented on daily basis. For E commerce sites, the processes are very difficult. So, here are some of the on-page E commerce website SEO tips –

Keyword Research

Experts engaged in social media optimization spend most of their time looking for new things and info. Be it writing reviews, product description or researching keywords, you have to do it properly.

Attractive Meta Tags

Meta tags matter most for a website. Your website or blog can easily get found when you optimize your Meta descriptions on search results. As a result, it increases click-through rate and improve page rank of your website. It is more valuable than traffic for an Ecommerce site.

Easily Accessible Site Navigation

More than 900 million websites are opened every single second across the world. So, it is a must to make your website navigation user-friendly.

Unique Description

After researching keywords, you need to write a unique description of each category and product of 200 to 300 words. This way users and search engines can easily find your category and offerings.

Add All Important Features on Product Page

For your shopping portal, product pages are as important as home page. You have to add all the important features to optimize product page, such as Images, Text, Social Media buttons and Videos.

Amazing Tips to Make Your Ecommerce Site SEO Friendly

Monitor Dynamic Webpages and Resolve Issues When Needed

Large eCommerce portals like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon etc. have thousands of product pages. Hence, people are looking for a specific product rather than a category.

Pages Must be Interconnected

It is yet another great tip for your E commerce site. In SEO, it is very important tip if you want to improve keyword ranks. It is helpful for the visitors to get the way to your website. Not only the users but also Google will be benefiting from this step. The search engines can easily crawl on pages and bounce rate of the website can be reduced drastically.

Broken Links Should be Removed on Timely Basis

Broken link is really very harmful for your website’s SEO efforts. It can do more harm than good to your page ranking. You are recommended to use some third-party tools or have someone to keep track on broken links on daily basis. You have to remove broken link once it is found.

Make Your Website Responsive

Recently, Google has launched some new updates that are friendly to mobile users to boost mobile searches. If you don’t have a responsive website, you are going to miss most of your traffic because most of the users use their smartphones to perform online searches.

Leverage User Reviews

Ecommerce site is known to have very less amount of content on product pages. So, user generated content is very important to improve search engine traffic.

Sitemap Should be Updated Always

The flow of website can be found by search engines only with sitemap. Remember that only XML sitemap is accepted by Google.

Use Good Snippet

This extra info will help search giants to get additional insights on your webpage. It will find out what your product page is all about.

Manage “Out of Stock” Carefully

There is no hard and fast rule to deal with “out of stock” or unavailable products for ecommerce marketers.

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