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5 Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page [Infographic]

5 Tips to Create an Effective Landing Page [Infographic]

Landing page plays an important role in describing your product or service to your audience. For quality leads and in order to increase your orders or sales your landing page should be convincing.

Create a separate landing page for each service to showcase the benefits that your customers can get. Conveying your message through landing page is an art that help in boosting conversion. It is best to have as many as landing pages as many as products or services you offer.

Landing page optimization is really a challenge for many business owners. Know your audience interest and their problems and use the data to create a landing page. Tell them why they should opt your services, products or tools etc. What are the benefits they will get. Properly optimized landing page can help generate leads and increase your sales.

By increasing your number of landing pages and optimizing them effectively you can see an exponential growth in leads. By implementing some effective strategies you can increase your landing page conversion rate.

We at Webtrackstudio are sharing some of the tips on how you can increase your landing page conversion:

5 Tips to Create Effective Landing Page Infographic Webtrackstudio
  1. Focus On One Specific Goal:

If you want your visitors to turn into clients then it is necessary that you should focus on a specific topic on your landing page. Talk about one thing at a time. Adding to many offers, information about different topics altogether can confuse users. They won’t be able to decide what to choose. Don’t add up things that will distract your users. Unnecessarily adding internal links on a target page can be bad.

  1. Easy and Short Headlines:

Believe it or not most people choose to read the paragraph after reading the headline. Using a simple and clear, to the point short and precise headline is much better as compared to a lengthy headline. Go with a straightforward headline and to the point what you offer.

  1. Add Visuals in Content:

Add compelling images in your content. Adding too much content from start to end is not the right approach. To keep your audience engaged with the content use some appropriate images within your content. You can add photos, infographic, memes, charts, graphs, videos (animated/whiteboard/live videos/typography) etc to accompany your content.

  1. Use CTAs:

Call to Action or CTAs are very crucial for any landing page. There are different ways to add CTA’s in your content. You can add a button or an image or a link etc. Put CTA’s at the right position in content. Focus on colour, fonts, size, design etc of CTA buttons.

  1. Consider Load Time

Page loading time can take or leave your users. Fast loading pages are not only helpful in improving your website performance in search results but it also improves user experience. A better user experience can let your visitors turn into customers. Use Google PageSpeed Insights tool to improve your website loading time on mobile and desktop.

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