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5 Effective Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

5 Effective Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

The field of E commerce is witnessing tough competition nowadays. Your competitor is just a single click away from you. It means if a potential customer dislikes your site, he would just go through another eCommerce website to buy products. To attract more customers, you have to make your website more customer-friendly and usable. Consider these tips to make your website more usable.

Sign Up Buttons and Call to Action

There is no need of contact number, postal address or occupation of your customers. All you need is their email id and password. In addition, make sure to add “Call to Action” buttons as it can help improve usability of the site and enhance conversion rates.

Shopping Cart

Personal detail security and content management are the things make an eCommerce site complete. While shopping online, it is important that your customer should feel confident dealing with your business. So, you have to ensure having privacy and security of your site. Opt for SSL certificate and a trust certificate like VeriSign to build trust and loyalty of customers.

No Hidden Charges

Customers don’t like the site which charges hidden fees on anything they do. They won’t like it when your site would charge 2% extra on sharing their credit card information. Be sure to show shipping charges, price, taxes and discounts in advance.

Related Products

Today, several ecommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. suggest related products to the customers like Bluetooth headsets, speakers, power bank etc. and other accessories when they look for smart phones. Along with saving time of the customers, this option also helps improve customer retention and business revenue.

Breadcrumb Navigation

Your customers will appreciate your website if you show the steps they have done and how many steps they have to accomplish. Users generally want to know where they are heading to in a purchase process. This way, your customers won’t cancel their transactions halfway.

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