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4 Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress 2017

4 Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress 2017

Nowdays Contact form is a important part of any website. Lot of people prefer filling a simple form at the same time while browsing the website and more over contact form is a great call to action for user engagement. Those who are not aware of codes find it difficult to add a contact form on their website or those who have websites on WordPress, it’s easy to add contact form by using a free plugin.

As a lot of people around the world from bloggers to SMB’s and even large enterprises too are using WordPress so, we thought of creating a list of free contact form plugins for WordPress. If you are also the one looking to add a contact form on your WordPress site via a free plugin then this post is a useful for you.

There are a lot of benefits by adding a contact form on a website/blog:

  • By showcasing a contact form on your website, you are actually reminding your visitors to ask queries for the products or services.
  • If you mention your email then sometimes become “I will do it later” task and who knows if they forgot or got busy in other tasks.
  • Moreover, by displaying an email instead of contact form there is likelihood of getting unwanted emails.
  • By using a contact form on your WordPress website, you can encourage your website visitors, customers or potential customers to take some action while they are on your website.
  • If you want a user-friendly website then make sure you have a contact form on your WordPress website.
  • By using a contact form on your WordPress website, you can easily collect name, email address, phone number, feedbacks, suggestions, problems, queries etc and prepare a database.
  • Adding a free contact form plugin on WordPress website is easy to do even for WordPress beginners.

If you find any problem in installing or using a plugin on your WordPress website/blog you can ask WebTrackStudio anytime.

At Webtrackstudio we provide quality WordPress website maintenance as well as support services and with this post we are providing a list of available WordPress contact form plugin for free. Creating a good-looking and engaging contact us page is no more a hassle even for WordPress beginners now.

Now, let’s explore some of the free contact form plugins for WordPress.

1. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 plugin for WordPress is free, simple and easy to use. It is among one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins and as of date it has 5+million downloads. It is an open source software and highly extensible. The plugin integrates well with most WordPress theme’s style. There are some options in the top menu which you can choose to add in your contact form like text, email, URL, number, date, message etc. If you are looking to create a basic contact for and quickly start it then you can opt for this plugin. The main menu has options of Form, Mail, Messages & Additional settings.

Moreover, there are some 3rd party plugins that works as an add-on for contact form 7 WordPress plugin. To find the addons to use with this plugin search Contact Form 7 in plugins search field. Customizing the forms and mail content is easy to do with the help of simple Markups. A simple and functional plugin that looks stunning on your WordPress website page.

2. Caldera Forms – More Than Contact Forms

Are you looking for a free drag and drop responsive form builder plugin for WordPress. If so then Caldera Forms simple drag and drop form builder can be a great choice. With Caldera Forms free WordPress form builder plugin, you can create responsive WordPress forms easily. As of date this post is published it has 90,000+ active installs. It is one of the favourite web development tools of many for creating stylish contact forms.

You can create a custom WordPress search forms with this plugin. You can also use a number of ads-on along with this plugin. It has powerful grid settings and layout modifications can be done quickly. If you like the free version then you can opt for Pro version too for more features.

3. Ninja Forms – The Easy and Powerful Forms Builder

Wanna build forms within minutes then try this free form creation tool. No need of coding skills, just simple and easy drag and drop and your form is ready. You can choose and add a wide number of fields in your forms. Easily integrates with WordPress themes and offers variety of components to create a form-based application.

Ninja Forms has 900,000+ installs as of this post writing time. The type of forms that can be created with ninja forms free form plugin includes but is not limited to order forms, contact forms, email collection forms, subscription forms, survey forms and request a quote forms. You can choose the paid version for extended functionalities as per your needs. Create pretty cool, beautiful and user-friendly forms with Ninja Forms WordPress plugin now.

4. Form Maker By WD – User-Friendly Drag & Drop Form Builder Plugin

Form Maker by WD is customizable user-friendly drag and drop plugin with which you can easily create a form in minutes. Creating complex HTML forms with this plugin is just a matter of minutes. The plugin has 90,000 active installs at the post writing time. For beginners, it’s an easy to use plugin without any scripting and programming knowledge. Get a responsive form layout design. From exporting form submissions, conditional logic & formatting, customized emails, customizable themes to unlimited number of forms creation this Form Maker by WD free WordPress plugin can do wonders for you. You can create simple forms, questionnaires and other type of forms with some simple form fields.

One can easily do personalization in forms and can choose form to appear as popup, embedded or in scroll box. One of the best options is you can check the form preview before finally publishing it. The plugin also provides spam protection in forms with facility of captchas and blocking IP feature. You can choose the pro version for more of functionalities if you are happy with the free version.

We hope you liked our post addition of some of the popular free contact form plugins for WordPress. It’s time to try and test these free plugins and keep using the one that best suits your needs. You can easily create a contact form with these plugin use. If you don’t have expertise you can ask us we provide WordPress website support and maintenance services.

Make sure while using the plugins whether they are compatible with your current WordPress version or not. These were some of the suggestions from our side adding it on your website or not is your own decision. Want to know more about some other useful WordPress plugins? Then you must take a look at our infographic on 9 Valauble WordPress SEO plugins for any Website.

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Let’s discuss in comments if you have some more good suggestions.

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