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11 Ultimate White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building [Infographic]

11 Ultimate White Hat SEO Techniques for Link Building [Infographic]

There are a lot of freelancers and companies who guarantee top ranks in Google search results within few days, but have you ever asked how? What type of links they are going to create, what techniques they will use? It is of utmost importance whether they will follow White Hat link building techniques, Black Hat link building or Grey Hat techniques for your business website. Black Hat/ Grey Hat will give you instant results but ultimately sooner or later it is going to affect your website badly. You website is at risk of getting penalized or devaluated because of following Black Hat techniques.

The inbound links to your website matters a lot and they should be from relevant and quality websites. Your website is safe as far as you are choosing the right keywords and link building strategies following guidelines of Google. Always make your website user friendly and optimize your site for search engines in a right way.  Using right methods of link building will not only help improve your website ranks in search results for relevant queries, it will also help in increasing traffic to your website and getting leads.

It is essential to make a plan and strategy for every business based on the niche, website analysis, competition, SEO trends etc which a professional SEO consultant available at Webtrackstudio can do. In today’s post we at Web Track Studio are sharing some general techniques and strategies which when followed can help in improving the overall performance of a website. Always focus on creating quality backlinks for your website in spite of quantity (n number of irrelevant) of backlinks.

Here are some of the best white-hat SEO techniques for link building to ensure better visibility and improved rankings –

White Hat Link Building SEO Techniques
  1. Quality Content: Create unique content. Provide solutions to problems of what your target customer’s face. Provide DIY solutions to their problems. Creating good quality content can help in generating some great inbound links as people often mention good content as a reference or source.
  2. Guest Post: Guest posting can be beneficial if you are getting an opportunity to post on a relevant high quality website. Even by posting content regularly as a guest you can build authority and trust among target audience. One can create inbound links naturally using effective guest posting method. It can even open new opportunities for you on other relevant blogs or websites.
  3. Question & Answer: Answer to questions of people in your niche. There are some question and answer websites where you can participate in discussions and provide solutions or answers to people queries. Some of the popular website are Quora, Yahoo answers and there are many more. Look for forums and other specific discussion sites related you business to provide advices, suggestions and tips etc.
  4. Sharable Content: Start posting latest news, updates, happenings etc in your business industry. It is a way to tell your audience that you are aware of the new things in your industry and this often makes your content shareable across other blogs as well as social media.
  5. Freebies: A lot of your customers need help and providing them useful info or solutions attract them. Start offering your whitepapers, eBooks, Tools, Cheat Sheets, Sharable Templates and Other Tips & Tricks etc for free. These are more than just helpful resources. Your visitors can share them further and other bloggers in your niche can share it too.
  6. Directory Submission: You can also target to create backlinks using directory submission. Search niche specific directories to submit your website on. Be sure that it is indexed. Don’t try to use same content on all the directories.
  7. Help A Reporter: There are journalist, reporters, and writers of magazines, news websites and many popular blogs etc who are looking for answers, tips, views, suggestions, case studies, opinions etc from business owners and experts in particular industry. Search for such reporters in your industry and become a source to help them out. If they will use your answers in their post they will provide a credit to you and a golden opportunity of a high quality link. One of the popular websites is HARO (Help a Reporter Out).
  8. Visuals (Images, Infographics etc): Visuals grab great attention particularly if they are informative and well designed. Post visual content like videos, graphics, animations etc. to grab your potential customer’s eyes. Infographics are very popular and can help in generating editorial links from very authority websites.You can start an infographic outreach campaign and attain high-quality links. We at Webtrackstudio provide infographic content research, designing as well as bloggers search and outreaching services at very reasonable prices. Contact us for detailed info.So, keep going with your creativity and illustrate the best you can. Sometimes you can also use funny meme to attract more traffic.
  1. Citation: To improve your website visibility in search engines list your business in citation websites. Never forget to list your business for free with Google on Google My Business Page. Apart from this search for relevant citation websites in your industry, area etc and list your business with appropriate NAP’s (Name, Address, and Phone Number) etc.
  2. Testimonial: Ask your clients to provide a testimonial. Publish it on your website and social accounts. Ask your clients to provide feedbacks and reviews on your Google My Business Page. This builds trust and authenticity. Always reply to each testimonial. This way you can attract more attention and appreciation along with links for the business.
  3. Social Bookmarking: You may easily find some of the best social bookmarking sites and share your website to bookmark. Increase backlinks by using them properly.

White Hat SEO is an ethical SEO practice and every business who wants long term results should practice only White Hat SEO techniques. The proven methodologies listed above can be helpful to practice ethical SEO and to improve overall ranking on different search engines.

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